Create a Soccer Ball - Using the Football (Soccer Ball) template, make a working ball. Fitting pentagons and hexagons together is a great way to learn geometry. How do angles change as plastic constricts due to cooling?

Build your own Geometric Solid - Have students draw a shape on a piece of paper. Trace the shape with the Doodler. Trace a second time.


Maple Leaf Through out the Year - Using the Maple Leaf Template from the 3D Doodler page, create leaf changes throughout the year. Using the variety of colors that filament comes in, leaves can be color coded to match the seasons.


Tracking Wars - Using Map template, 3D doodle to color in the state and territories as wars progress. Each side can be a different color. This idea works on several grade levels.
US Map France Map Italy Map China Map

Looking at State Lines - Us the US Map template

Language Arts

Creating Characters - Use the Doodler to create people, cars and settings