What is a 3D Doodler?

The 3D Doodler is a handheld 3D printer. The best example to describe how it work is think of a vertical glue gun. A stick of filament placed in the rear of the Doodler. From there it is melts the filament down to a small stream that flows out of the nozzle of the doodler.Trace the design It can use PLA or ABS Filament depending on the setting it is placed on. The old Doodlers had two speed to control the rate of printing. The new (Skinnier) 3D doodler has a forward and reverse button that controls filament flow.

Why use a 3D Doodler?

Some students are not ready to start creating with a design software. Students can draw on paper their design on paper and trace it with the Doodler to create a wire frame. If the drawing is laminated, students can create the design over and over again. Legs can also be create to start building a 3D creation. With multiple copies of the design doodled, students can start building a structure.

What level of students is the 3D Doodler effective?