Oh where to start. If you fall in this category, you need to digital manufacturing lab. It is going to be about production and speed. It also depends what level of school you are. If you are elementary, you are most likely not buying a laser cutter. Oh the other hand, high schools are not looking to load up on Snap electronic kits. You will need to look at what projects you are currently doing at your school. The goal is not to change what the teacher is teaching, it is changing the activities and products that the students will turn in.

So what should you buy with a boat load of money? You are definitely looking at multiple 3D printers. One small printer and several larger plate printers. Print jobs can take more time than you think when it starts adding in support for the build. Most likely you will get 4 medium sized jobs completed during a day. So when you have a class full of students needing to print, one or even two printers may only complete a third of the class in a day. So if you have a whole grade level working on a similar type of project, they may need to be staggered. Currently we have 3 - 4 classes with sporadic prints from classes and it is keeps our 2 printers busy. We have moved up to 6 3D printers to handle the demand as we have 12 classes interested in printing in their class. So as you can see if there is going to be printing in several classes, multiple printers will be needed.

For electronics and animatronics, there are several options to choose from for your space. I would look into a littleBits Pro Library set. This littlebit set is the best value for the price. The set comes with four of each of the modules. There are 6 of the power modules to use. I added more servo motor pieces to collection since they are key to creating motion. This library comes with the Arduino bit that allows for scaling up what can be done. The set is great for group work and centers. Makey Makey boards are very popular with the projects we are working on. You would be looking to invest in 6 - 10 of the boards.