I like to build real life versions of games. Angry Birds seems like a great game to build a design challenge as the source. The one thing I know is that students like to launch things. Then add paint to the mix and boom students are engaged. This project combines measuring and angles with the world of paint by numbers art.


Part One: Design a small scale launcher using Tinkercad to toss a sponge ball at a paint by numbers canvas. Students earn points by the number that they hit with the sponge.

Need items for Step 1:
A computer with internet access
Graph Paper
Rubber bands
Duct Tape
paper clips
3D printer
3 sponges per group
Washable Paint
A Piece of Fabric
Permanent Marker

other items for student to build with

Steps to Part 1

1. Have students play two levels of Angry Birds. It can be played online through

2. Hand each group a few pieces of graph paper to draw out a prototype of design. Graph paper helps student breakdown their designs in to individual shapes. Students aren't always ready to be able to translate from 2D to 3D in creating a design. Have student break their design into shapes to help them speed up their design process. Some student will jump right into Tinkercad and some will need to break the design up into shapes.


3. Have students build their designs. If your students are new to Tinkercad, Project Ignite from Autodesk has a lesson on who to use the software. One item to look at that we run into when students are starting to design

angry bird cad.jpgIMG_4310.JPG

While the designs are printing, have students look up various paint by number designs. It can be an actual paint by numbers picture or they can trace the outlines of pieces in the drawing on to fabric. Give each part of similar color the same number and color code. This will represent the point value for each hit on the fabric.


Part 2
Time to make these on a much larger scale. It is now time to recreate the small scale designs out of PVC pipe. The two - three groups with the highest points scored will be the ones to build large scale. (number of build really depends on the size of your class) This part of the activity may require a few adult helpers.