1. Pick a mask template from the pile. Measure the mask to know what size you will need for the pieces of fabric.

2. Use a marker to trace the mask on the fabric. You will need to trace a front and back mask.

3. Cut the mask out of the fabric.

4. Mark on the inside of the mask where the LED lights will be placed. We are going to assemble the mask different from the directions on Sparkfun.

5. Hold the LED an 1/8" above the edge of the fabric. Mark the bottom of LED with the marker
in all the spots where the LED will be placed. LEDs can either go through the front the top of the mask or around the edge. The marks will be the bottom edge of the copper tape that will transfer the electricity through the mask.

6. Roughly measure the path of the tape around the mask. Cut the copper tape with a pair of scissors.

7. Bend the LED leads up making a loop. The long lead is the positive lead. Add a mark with a pen to the positive lead. The copper tape will wrap around the loop to make the connection.

8. Peel the back off the tape. With a little more than an inch hanging over the edge, stick the tape to the fabric. Leave enough tape to thread through the positive lead loop on the LED. Wrap the loop with a piece of transparent tape.

9. Cut a piece of the transparent tape and cover the copper tape. This tape will act as a barrier between the positive and negative tape.

10. Cut another piece of copper tape the same length as the first piece of tape. Loop it through the negative lead and wrap the loop with transparent tape.

11. Tape over both copper tape pieces to stick it down to the fabric.

12. Try adding another LED to a different part of the mask.

13. Grab a needle and sew the two sides together.

14. Cut two holes on each side of the mask to tie a piece of yarn.

15. Wear mask.