Foldify combines the digital design of characters with the skills of paper folding. It is available on iOS. Students can add features to folding designs and print them out. Designs can be a creature, vehicles, houses and other objects. Once the item has printed, it can be taped together and have a real 3D version of the design.

So you are thinking great we made paper objects, what is the point? This is where the video camera comes. Students can write a script about the characters. There is our literacy connections. What really sold us about this is that student can

Activity Description: Make a video using the paper character. If you want to download the app, click here. There are 3 Foldify app to choose from. We do not have a printer for this event, but you can always print them out at a different time. Please the papers on the table for your characters.

1. Look through the characters and scenery pieces to help decide what your video will be about.
2. Cut out and tape together the characters.
3. Find a device to record video.
4. Record and post video to Youtube.