With so many sporting events that happen through out the year, why don't we take advantage of them as times to collect data. Several students are hooked on one sport or another. Whether it is linked to the Super Bowl or the Final Four or the World Cup, there is usually something going on the capture data.

Here is how to place the probe in the ball. The ball needs to made out of foam to hold its shape as a hole is cut into the center. I have tried this with a small soccer ball which could be used as a basketball and a football. Draw around an inch and a quarter around in the ball. In the picture below, the hole is cut all the way through to allow the probe to be pushed out of the ball when the activity has bee completed. I used a utility knife to cut the hole. You can use scissors for cutting the hole.

IMG_5381.JPG IMG_5385.JPG

The probes we will be using is the PocketLab sensor. The probe will need to synced with device that has the app on it. Check the PocketLab site for what devices that the probe can be connected. If your school is a GAFE (Google Apps for Education), students can download their data to their google drive space.

Steps for Activity based

1. Students need to research how a current quarterback throws the football. Look at arm angle and how the quarterback releases the ball. Have them practice mimicking the throws to the best of their abilities.