We get this question a lot when talking to educators on how to get started in maker education. People ask I have this space and I have told to build a maker area. First thing, we ask is have you talked to other teachers in your building. A lot of these educators are media specialists how have the space that can be converted. Makers work in a community to better the good as a whole. These ideas are how we want our students to learn.

Before you even thing about what is the first tool to be purchased, a space will need to be identified. You will need several receptacles and network ports for a makerspace. You may be able to run a few tools off a surge protector, but not more than that. Some items like a 3D printer, CNC machine or Arduino will need a computer to run the device. The computer may need to be on a network to download new designs or codes. (Note: A Chromebox or book will not run a 3D printer.

What is the first item we should get?

This really depends on the levels of funding. There are several inexpensive tools tools to select from. If you are getting into circuitry and gaming, you will probably want to invest in a Makey Makey. If you are looking into a 3D printer,you way want to look at an UP! printer or if you have a little more funds, a Makerbot. If you are interested in robotics, the finch robot is a got place to start. The iPad has many maker apps that van be used to develop creation that can be exported of of the device. If you are looking at woodworking, there are several hand tools that can be purchased cheaply. If you are looking for any particulars check each sections page.