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The majority of students have at one time or another built with Legos. Not just built a physical item, but create a backstory, character names, and have an adventures. Lego kits can vary in cost and complexity. Some people prefer a stack of block and some like the challenge of build a complex design.Any way you look at it, the majority of students like to create with Legos.

The question is why would we use them in education. The easy answer is that Legos are fun. The real answer is that with some many students already having used them reduces the time it would take to explain how to use them. Legos can be used in any subject area or in a class by themselves.

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Lego Education splits the several building kits. Some kits are simple built kits and some require a software to make the build work.


Mindstorm NXT

Mindstorm EV3

Simple Machines